2019-2020 Board Members

President                                               Shannon Lapinsky       2019-2021

President Elect                                       Jacqueline Hammond  2019-2021

Membership/Recording Secretary         Jennifer Morrow          2018-2020

Treasurer                                               Kristi King                  2019-2021

New Castle County Representatives

Ivanka Yaneva 2019-2021

Kellie Tetrick 2018-2020

Ron Robinson 2019-2021


Kent County Representatives

Cathy Kipp 2019-2021

Patricia Keeton 2019-2021

Nicole Hudson 2019-2021

​Sussex County Representatives

Sandra Waldee-Warden 2019-2021

LeeAnn Gunning 2019-2021

Heather Farrell 2019-2021

Ex-Officio Seats

Beverly Houston, OAASIS Advisor

Chanteea Harmon, OAASIS Lead Team Member

Joanne M. Heaphy, ACE Network, Director

Maureen Whelan, State Director, Adult Education and Prison Resources

Relevant Information & Forms

What Really Matters

Delaware Association for Adult &
Community Education

Being prepared to instruct my students so they will be successful.


DAACE provides professional development opportunities for the adult educators in the State of Delaware.  Networking at PD workshops, Summit and legislative venues help members understand their student needs. 

About Us

I'm dedicated to the profession of adult education and lifelong learning. 

The most important thing is to define your PD goals

The mission of DAACE is to spearhead Statewide efforts in lifelong learning, to link individuals and organizations involved in adult, continuing, and community education and to address common concerns and shared goals for adult education.

DAACE assists and encourages individuals and organizations to join in collaborative or multi-agency approaches to meet mutual needs.

DAACE encourages citizen involvement and advocates legislation and public support for the advancement of adult education programs and services.